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What we're about...

Since 2013 Cakes by Cherry has been baking and delivering bespoke cakes, cupcakes, cake pops & cookies around Sydney.

We specialise in buttercream and Fondant creations – most notably our signature hand painted buttercream cakes and Themed Cakes, We create your imaginations into tasty realities. Our buttercream flavours are constantly changing from matcha, cookie dough, chai we’re sure we have you covered!

The Backstory...

It all started with my mom.As a kid, I would sit in kitchen and watch her bake and decorate cakes for our family birthdays (and trust me, we have a very big Fat Indian family, so this was almost every weekend!). Being keen on drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting early on, I was easily mesmerised by some of her creations. Elaborate and delicate floral piping on five-tier cake structures.I remember thinking I wanted to be just like her.

I ended up pursuing cake-making as a hobby – baking cakes on the weekends for family and friends. I studied Chartered Accountancy and worked in the field for several years but in 2009 started day-dreaming about a career change. and My Husband came to me with the idea of starting an online cake store & delivering to people’s doorsteps. There weren't many online cake stores at the time. Using recipes passed down from Mom I started "Cakes by Cherry"

Our squad is now made up of myself, my husband as well as our new assistant baking team. Together we’ve been working hard on building Our dreams and creating Memories for our clients . We’d love for you to follow the next steps in our journey!

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